Urban development growing slums essay

Some very poor people prefer to squat rather than even rent an accommodation, thus leading to the growth of slums. Despite the exterior appearance of chaos, slum life is highly structured, with many economic, religious, caste and political interests expressed in the daily activity.

The process of urban development has given rise to a number of problems like shortage of dwelling units, mushrooming growth of Guises, encroachment of public lands and expansion unauthorized residential colonies.

These deficiencies in the urban areas are mostly absorbed by the low-income groups and the poorer sections of the city. This brings about the need to develop better infrastructure, better education institutions, better health facilities, better transportation networks, establishment of banking institutions, better governance, and better housing.

The despair of the underprivileged has to be replaced with hope and their fear with security.

Urban Development & Growing Slums Essay

The conditions of the slum areas in metropolitan cities have deteriorated to such an extent due to the high density of population that the people there hardly enjoy even the basic amenities. Each of these failures adds to the perils of the people already burdened with poverty.

Causes of Urbanization Industrialization Industrialization is a trend representing a shift from the old agricultural economics to novel non-agricultural economy, which creates a modernized society.

Slums, thus, may be characterized as an area of homeless and socially misfit populations with sub-standard or illegal housing structures, disorganized and unhealthy way of life, over-crowding, lack of or, absolutely no basic services and, ill standards of sanitation.

Consequently, these urban poorer suffer from adverse health Impacts linked to lack of proper shelter and basic services, especially sanitation. Hence, the long-term and short-term schemes were started.

Essay on the Condition of People Living in Slums (355 Words)

Our policy-makers fall to address the Issues of these demands, as a result of which the poor rural immigrants answer their own problems by erecting their temporary abodes that outsets the expansion of Guises and unauthorized colonies creating tremendous pressure on the civic infrastructure systems like, water supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management etc.

For instance, whenever big project is undertaken, a lot of workers migrate to towns in quest of employment. Since the Inundation of rural Immigrants Into the urban periphery increases their workload but gives nothing in return. In addition to this, a few regulations could be made by the government like, a minimum wage rate can be set for the workers immigrating in he town; strict rules should be followed to prevent the pilferage of funds; it should be made compulsory for the factories having more than, say, laborers working, to have dwelling units for the accommodation of their workers.

Land acquisition and development scheme: Challenges for Administration Anklet Sings M. Very often, slums develop on public land. With the multifarious growth of arbitration, cities today are expanding alarmingly which has resulted in the haphazard growth of the urban areas.

Essay on the Growth of Slums in Urban Areas of India

Challenges for Administration Anklet Sings M. Homelessness is often attributed to the characteristics of the homeless person, such as alcoholism and psychiatric illness; or to the social situation of homeless people, such as unemployment and marital breakdown this condition mostly happens with women in India.

The city slums serve as an abode of the low-cost, cheap labor and keep the wheels of the city, churning. The sheer volume of people living in slums causes them to be the obvious easy targets of politicians wanting to increase their percentage of votes.Urban Sprawl and How to Prevent It - Urban sprawl is the effect of the suburbs—houses that are further apart than in the city, grocery stores that are too far away to walk to, better school districts, better roads than in the country.

Living conditions in many urban slums are worse than those in the poorest rural areas of the country. This can be attributed pardy to the slum’s exceptionally unhealthy environment.

Dec 10,  · Urbanization Essay. Communities and Urbanization Essay.

Essay on the Condition of People Living in Slums (355 Words)

Words | 11 Pages This article is on Rapid Urbanization, by Jennifer Weeks, explains how cities around the world are quickly growing especially in the slums. It discusses what brings people to city in the first place and how that goes into the affect of pollution in the cities.

Free slums papers, essays, and research papers. The Slums of the Urban Crisis - The Slums of the Urban Crisis The nineteenth century “Urban Crisis” featured a period of poverty, “white flight”, redlining, and urban redevelopment. Life In The Slums. Plan.

Intro: Life is tough living in the slums, but I’m used to it now so it’s not as hard as it was when we first moved here. iin slums, and the number of slum dwellers grew by six million each year from n slums, and the number of slum dwellers grew by six million each year from tto (UN-Habitat a).

In sub-Saharan Africa, slum populations are growing at o (UN-Habitat a).

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Urban development growing slums essay
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