The politics of katrina and sandy

Redlener says that averting the kind of fuel shortages that arose during Sandy requires better cooperation between states to make sure fuel is distributed equitably.

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As Government Reacts to Sandy, Lessons from Katrina and Other Natural Disasters

For a campaign hoping for momentum going into the last week of an election, taking a back seat to Obama is not a comfortable spot. Sandy was a particular problem for dense, populous New York City. Nonetheless, most agree that FEMA is better off now than it was in The Toil After the Storm: Katrina leaves new Orleans political landscape looking whiter.

Had they been pre-positioned, as FEMA claims its policy requires, local distribution in hard hit areas could have begun immediately on Tuesday morning, within 24 hours of the storm hitting. Katrina leaves new Orleans political landscape looking whiter. Bush saw a rapid slump in his approval rating.

The role played by active-duty military personnel during the Sandy response was made much easier by avoiding several potential friction points experienced during and following Katrina. Disaster, 34 3 This time around, Romney seems to be suffering from the same frustration. The dominance of these organizations will forever alter the political landscape because citizens and government alike now recognize the inefficiencies in the government, undermining the legitimacy of the government in the eyes of the American people.

Katrina’s Lessons Seen In Response to Sandy

We are sourcing water. We were sourcing 1 million gallons of water addition a day.

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After we arrived in Washington, though, his campaign aides decided it would look bad for Kerry to kite surf while folks in Florida were battling for their lives and the plan was scrapped. If a company had been previously awarded a contract, they were 11 times more likely to receive another.

But that doesn't mean FEMA is out of the woods -- and it certainly doesn't mean the storm will be an exception to the politics of disaster funding. Campaign events and advertising are being affected. Preparing for a blackout in the northeast is a lot more complicated, and has a lot more potential pitfalls, than on the Gulf Coast.

As Government Reacts to Sandy, Lessons from Katrina and Other Natural Disasters

Although spending on state and local grants has declined overall, each Homeland Security appropriations bill has been sending money to FEMA, and it has added up, Jackson says. While the federal government could help, power companies share in the burden.

In addition to government ineffectiveness, hurricane Katrina revealed the massive influence special interest and lobbying groups hold over Washington. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Is that the case? So we are activating those contracts.

Hurricane Sandy and the politics of disaster funding

After hurricane Katrina, nearly all demographics altered their view of American government, thus solidifying the evolution of dependency on government to a larger role played by faith and community based organizations Dawson, Northern Command chose to deploy a coordination element — led by an Army National Guard general who was on federal status, rather than a traditional or career three-star active-duty general.

After the outcry over Brown, whose job before joining FEMA had been as a commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association, Congress specified that future administrators have five years of relevant experience.

Of course, Katrina was a Category Four storm when it hit the Gulf Coast, but Sandy was the largest storm ever to form in the Atlantic — more than 1, miles across — and combined with a Down-easter arguably had as much potential to wreak havoc on the East Coast as Katrina did the Gulf.

Following hurricane Katrina, then president George W. Instead, it was an example of FEMA scrambling after the fact to meet the needs of victims that it should have planned for weeks earlier. Sandy is responsible for 16 deaths in the U. The role of faith based and community organizations in providing relief and recovery services after hurricane katrina Washington, DC: This time businesses in New York, Boston and Washington were prepared for the storm days ahead of time.

Air Force and the U. No one would make that mistake again. The Obama administration and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate talked a good game in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but their on-the-ground performance has failed to match their promises.The improvements on display in the response to Sandy came only after hard lessons from the catastrophic Katrina in Congress made some of the changes when it enacted a law in to restructure FEMA.

Hurricane Katrina is the largest natural disaster to hit the mainland United States to date; leaving in it’s wake a web of complications ranging from damaged levees and extensive flooding to permanently altering the political landscape of local and national politics.

Lessons Learned From Katrina Pay Off in Response to Sandy by Jamie Stowe Wed, May 22, It is interesting to see how the overall state and federal response efforts to Hurricane Sandy in differed from, but were strongly influenced by, the responses seven years earlier to Hurricane Katrina – the last catastrophic hurricane to.

The improvements on display in the response to Sandy came only after hard lessons from the catastrophic Katrina in Congress made some of the changes when it enacted a law in to restructure FEMA. Nov 05,  · Back to the politics. Some Republicans have already started using Sandy as an excuse for a possible Romney defeat.

It’s a weak argument: state-level polls have been signaling a clear and perhaps widening Obama advantage for weeks. But as I said, to the extent that the storm helps Mr.

Obama, it’s well deserved. Sandy was also historic, even if it did not have the casualty counts of thousands dead as 9/11 and Katrina did. Sadly the long-held media axiom [in news coverage] “If it bleeds, it leads” may not give Sandy the media coverage it deserves or warrants.

The politics of katrina and sandy
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